Tiny Harris Praises 'Rich A*s' Kandi Burruss' Major Business Moves -- T.I.'s Wife Is Proud Of Her Xscape Sister

Tiny Harris Praises 'Rich A*s' Kandi Burruss' Major Business Moves -- T.I.'s Wife Is Proud Of Her Xscape Sister
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A boss is recognizing another boss. Tiny Harris has decided to shower her Xscape sister, Kandi Burruss, with praises for all of her significant accomplishments.

T.I.'s wife recently had a meeting business meeting with Kandi, and she shared a few pictures and used the caption to shower her "sister" with kind words for all the major business moves she has been making.

Tiny wrote: "Stop thru to see My Luv... my Rich ass, Boss sister @kandi at one of her many establishments @oldladygang #JustSecuringTheBag #SoSoDef25 #YallReady."

Those two talented divas have been friends for over two decades, and fans are loving their impressive life stories.

One supporter said: "I love you! Kandi is short for sure so Tiny must be Tiny for real ?! Just jokes Queens! I love y’all to life, and you two have always been my favorite in your group!"

Another commenter wrote: "Both of y’all are bosses sis! The reason why y’all have remained intact for all of these years!! People tried to come between but obviously when it’s real “they” can’t! I’m very happy for you ladies. God continues to shine his light bright on you both. An inspiration to a lot of women of color!!"

This person claimed: "Kandi its so good that you and tiny are friends and the rest of the group friends or hard to find. I love @kandi & @majorgirl. Two BOSS chicks are getting their coins. I would love for a few “Reality Stars “ & young folks with a large platform encourage people to REGISTER & VOTE in the November primaries. For the first time in HISTORY in the Deep South, we have TWO black candidates for GOVERNOR!!! Trump is destroying this country & OUR VOTES make a DIFFERENCE!! Congratulations to Andrew Gillum!!!"

An insider told Hollywood Life that Kandi could be an auntie again soon because Tiny wants another baby.

The source said: “As far as he’s concerned when it comes to children, the more, the merrier. Running around after Heiress keeps them both young, and she’s such a daddy’s girl, she has T.I. wrapped around her little finger and she can do no wrong in his eyes. He would love at least another couple of kids before calling it a day.”

The individual added: “They’re not using any contraception. They’re leaving it up to God to decide. If Tiny gets pregnant, then so be it, they’ll welcome another baby to the family. And if not, then they’ll settle for the seven children they have. Either way, it’s all good. She’s now planning to see a fertility expert and find out if it’s possible to freeze some of her eggs so she can do IVF at some point down the road."

Those two women have always been there for each other.

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  • LT
    LT Sep 5, 2018 1:38 AM PDT

    Kandi can be the poster child for what can go right while being on reality TV.

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