Tiny Harris' Photo With Heiress Harris And Santa Claus Has Fans Debating Race-Related Issues

Tiny Harris' Photo With Heiress Harris And Santa Claus Has Fans Debating Race-Related Issues
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Tiny Harris is spending the winter holidays with her family, and she could not be happier. She shared a few videos and pics with Heiress Harris and made her fans happy.

She taught her daughter all about giving back for Christmas.

Now, the latest photo features Heiress and Santa, and Tiny feels that every child should have a photo like this. Take a look at the heartwarming pic below.

'Made sure I made time to get my Sunshine @heiressdharris a picture with Santa Claus..something I think kids should experience at least once!! If you’re into that kinda thing!!! Wishing you a prosperous, Blessed year in 2019...?????' Tiny captioned her pic.

Someone posted 'Always thought she favor her Dad and older Brothers to Mee. She such a sweet, beautiful lil girl. Enjoyed her on the "Sisters Circle" A Star is Born!!!!'

Another follower also had something to say: 'When it comes to Santa Claus, it’s only for children not for old rusty been through it all know it all too smart for BS ADULTS. ITS FOR THE CHILDREN of which they are THAT for a very short period of time! Let them have that moment. It’s watching their excitement of believing in something that brings joy. It’s the innocence of a child before they become what most of you are today. Some people really need to lighten up bc there is so seriousness in this messed up world today and being hard-nosed and so concerned about the truth on Santa Claus when you’re not concerned abt truth on some real stuff is what’s really concerning and ridiculous.'

More people started a debate, saying that Santa should have been black.

For instance, someone said 'Why do blacks have to make their kids believe in a White Santa clause white God white, a white judge, white police shame on us.'

Someone else doesn't believe that these things matter for Christmas and said the following:

'I think it’s sad that people have to worry about what skin color other people have instead of enjoying these beautiful pics @majorgirl posts of her precious baby girl. Let the baby enjoy her Christmas.'

Happy holidays, everyone!

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