Tiny Harris Makes Fun Of Older Xscape's Ladies' Outfits With A Throwback Video

Tiny Harris Makes Fun Of Older Xscape's Ladies' Outfits With A Throwback Video
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Tiny Harris is having fun posting a video from older days. She's with the other Xscape ladies, and they're wearing some pretty large suits on stage.

But apart from that, their music is as juicy as ever. Check out her post on Instagram below.

'#Fbf I don’t know what possessed @jermainedupri to put us @officialxscape in those big ass suits..damn!! I thought I was too cool tho..😹 👑🖤 #HairColorBeenFlav #DoYouWantTo' Tiny captioned the video.

Someone told her that 'The suits worked back then. Yall had it going on back then and look at God....Growth and Development took you to a whole new level.'

Another follower recalls this kind of suits and told Tiny 'Yup... So cool I went and garb one of my dad suits trying to be cool just like you.'

Someone else also mentioned the shoes: 'Don’t leave out those ugly ass shoes😂Y’all was cold tho pure Classic,' and another follower told T.I.'s wife 'Tiny I used to wanna wear my hair like yours 😩😂🤣 my mama said it was too grown lol!!!'

A supported praised the group and posted 'My FAVORITE FEMALE R&B Soul Group of all time. Never missed a concert [tour] and recorded every performance on my vcr since y’all were on the teen summit! I have been in plenty of heated debates about y’all. I said what I said! This is theeee best female r&b soul group of ALL time!!!'

A commenter noted that 'One thing that I liked about this group is that you had on clothes and at that time it was different. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥'

Just recently, the Harris family had a get together with friends to celebrate once more the life of late Precious Harris. As you all know, T.I.’s sister passed away after a car accident not too long ago.

Tiny shared a few photos from the event, and so did Toya Wright.

Fans are impressed the most by one particular photo that Toya shared. In it, she’s together with Tiny, and Monica Brown and fans called these gorgeous ladies a 'lit trinity.'

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