Tiny Harris' Latest Video Featuring Heiress Harris Has Zonnique Pullins In Awe

Tiny Harris' Latest Video Featuring Heiress Harris Has Zonnique Pullins In Awe
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris shared a video featuring her baby girl, Heiress Harris, on her social media account. Tiny's other daughter, Zonnique Pullins cannot get enough of her little sister, as you will see from what she had to say when she saw the sweet video.

Check out Tiny's clip below.

'When u find all kinds of TikTok’s in your phone,' Tiny captioned her post.

She continued and told her fand that 'Heiress said if u don’t have her sister @zonniquejailee two new singles #Winner & #FTCU Stream It! Download it! Always thanks for 💜💙💜💙'

Zonnique Pullins wrote: 'I’m crying, if I would have known my baby sister was gonna turn out like this, I would have asked for her years ago.'

Lyrica Anderson hopped in the comments and said: 'When I watched this on tik tok tho I was like she’s a star '

Someone asked Tiny: 'What kind of prenatal you was on cause she so smart,' and another follower also gushed over baby Hriess as well: 'She’s a whole mood! Too adorable!'

One other follower said: 'You have a superstar actress there she’s so talented,' and someone else posted this message: 'Lol omg she just made me smile so hard... soooo cute and sooo much personality.'

A commenter posted: 'She had the best personality! I just love her confidence,' and another follower also gushed over Heiress and said: 'I can’t she’s so adorable and has so much personality already bless her.'

Someone else posted this: 'How is it possible she knows how to use Tik Tok and I don't!!!!!! 🤣 God Bless.'

In other news, Tiny recently showed some juicy hot dance moves to her fans and IG followers. She just did the Lyrica Anderson challenge, and fans cannot get enough of her.

This comes right after Tiny got bashed for hosting a house party amidst the lockdown.

People who have been social distancing bashed her for not taking the global crisis seriously.


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