Tiny Harris' Latest Video Featuring Heiress Harris Has Fans Obsessed With T.I.'s Daughter

Tiny Harris' Latest Video Featuring Heiress Harris Has Fans Obsessed With T.I.'s Daughter
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Tiny Harris cannot seem to stop posting her baby girl on Instagram. She shared another fresh video with Heiress Harris in which she's talking about making slime. The sharp kid is too adorable for words. Take a look at the video below.

Someone commented 'Herriss is so sweet and pretty. I love seeing her; she's a natural. ??'

Another follower said 'Oh no @majorgirl she starting early! Slime maker lover just like my daughter lol.'

One of Tiny's fans gushed over baby girl Heiress and said 'She is a Beauty "just going to the kitchen to get bowls and spoons" well-spoken Heiress.???'

A supported also expressed their love for Tiny's daughter in the comments section, saying 'Ohh I just love her. She’s so cute and so smart. Just growing up so fast.'

Someone believes that Tip and Tiny's kids are really special: 'All your children with T.I. Is something else.....they all are too much you can’t help but be shocked you never know what will come out Their mouths lol!!! Never a dull moment!!! You and TIP alter egos for sho @majorgirl @troubleman31.'

Another commenter just adores to hear Heiress speak: 'She's such a smart little cutie?? played it over and over just to hear that little smack she does and to hear the end" we're gonna be careful"??❤️'

Heiress recently had an interview about her line of nail polish and Tiny proudly presented some videos on her social media account.

After  Heiress had her very first real interview,  Tiny posted T.I.’s daughter while she talked about The Royal Collection by Heiress Harris.

Heiress' mom said that her daughter did great and as always she completely stole the show.

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  • Ssndra
    Ssndra Dec 23, 2018 8:19 PM PST

    She is adorable

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