Tiny Harris' Latest Photos With T.I. Have Fans Saying That They Are Couple Goals

Tiny Harris' Latest Photos With T.I. Have Fans Saying That They Are Couple Goals
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Tiny Harris dropped a few pics featuring herself and T.I. and the fans are saying that these two are definitely couple goals. Check out the pics here.

'When baby ain’t been bullshittin! #Mr&MrsH 👑💘' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Gas up the jet for you tonight and baby you can have whateva you like!!' and another follower posted this message: 'I just missed y'all in Venice..I was in the same store😩.'

A fan wrote: 'That’s the goal sweetheart keep growing strong,' and someone else said: 'Love how laid back y’all be 😌 still making major moves tho.'

One commenter posted this: 'You just wanna do what you wannna doooooo, finish the rest,' and someone else said: 'I can’t believe Y’all really about to be grandparents 😩 it’s time for y’all go sit y’all ass down & get to knitting or whatever grandparents do.'

A follower posted this: 'So little next to the plane lol too cute 💕' and another follower said: 'I like tiny and ti both of them gave me great music 2 listen to.'

One commenter posted: 'Pretty hustler Grand Hustler over everything 💪💪 @majorgirl @troubleman31' and another follower said: 'So nice to see you guys in a really great peaceful state. Y’all need to just enjoy the rest of your days together.'

Someone else wrote: 'Keep living life while everybody else sitting back watching ti and tiny the truth.'

In other news, Tiny Harris and T.I. commemorated George Floyd and they both marked the event on their social media accounts. You should check out the photos that they shared.

‘It was great to be here with all the ppl that are there making away from their creativity & natural gifts they were given!! Rest In Heaven #GeorgeFloyd 🙏🏽👑❤️✊🏽‼️’ Tiny captioned her post.

Other than this, Tiny and Tip are living a happy life together with their family.

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