Tiny Harris Keeps T.I. Faithful By Keeping The Divorce Papers At The Ready!

Tiny Harris Keeps T.I. Faithful By Keeping The Divorce Papers At The Ready!
Source: thegrio.com

These days, it seems like Tiny Harris and her rapper hubby T.I. are doing pretty good even though they were super close to divorcing not too long ago! But, as you can imagine, it’s still pretty difficult for the Xscape singer to fully trust her man after being cheated on multiple times.

That being said, one insider report by HollywoodLife claims that Tiny tries her best to keep Tip in line and that sometimes involves threatening him with going through with that divorce they put on hold!

There is no doubt that Tiny and T.I. still, have their ups and downs but these days, judging by the newest episode of T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, they’re in a ‘good, healthy space.’

You might think that means a divorce is out of the question, but one source tells HollywoodLife that Tiny always keeps that option open just as a way to remind her husband what he might lose if he strays again.

‘She figures that keeping the divorce threat out there is an added incentive for him to not cheat ever again. Tiny knows Tip values his family more than anything in the world, she also knows he struggles to avoid temptation, and he has a lot of temptation dangled in front of him on a regular basis with beautiful women throwing themselves at him via social media and in person when he is performing.’

‘Tiny likes to remind him about the divorce filing whenever she feels like his attention could be straying, and it does seem to be keeping him in line,’ the insider explained.

But apparently, the chances she would actually go through with the divorce at this stage are almost zero!

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  • Mz martin
    Mz martin Nov 18, 2018 7:11 PM PST

    Who wants a man they gotta threaten??throw the whole man away he dont wanna be married but he dont wanna pay child support either its sad Id rather be alone

  • Ty
    Ty Nov 18, 2018 1:25 PM PST

    He does not appear to care, not looking at their show

  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Nov 18, 2018 10:33 AM PST

    Oh hell Tiny ain't going no where!

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