Tiny Harris Joins BFFs Toya Wright And Monica In New Photos While Horseback Riding And Zip Lining

Tiny Harris Joins BFFs Toya Wright And Monica In New Photos While Horseback Riding And Zip Lining
Credit: Instagram

Via social media, Tiny Harris shared a series of photos proving that she along with her BFFs -- Toya Wright and Monica -- are fierce enough to try almost anything, including horseback riding and zip-lining.

All three ladies posted a few photos where they could be seen with Zonnique Pullins and Reginae Carter having fun in the outdoor activities.

Monica captioned the photos: "Yes... I got a fool crew!! I know💁🏽‍♀️🙌🏽🔥 It’s WHATEVER bout @zonniquejailee @colormenae @monicabrown @toyawright #FamilyFirst 🙏🏽👑🥰💯."

Mo added: "When you chose the activity, you can not complain !! LOL !! Muscle Up & Mount Up Mo.... 🖤No Girls Like My Girls & Their Girls... Generations of Love .... A lifetime of Friendship 🖤 @zonniquejailee @colormenae @toyawright @majorgirl 🖤."

Toya had this to say about riding a horse for the first time: "I can’t believe @monicabrown got me and @colormenae to go horseback riding. I’ve never really been into riding horses, but I can honestly say it was fun! I have to do it again soon... Lilly was a really sweet horse."

One fan had this reaction: "I really like how y’all hang with your daughters showing them how a real sisterhood should be ❤❤. Don't lose that rock on your finger. Tip did that👏. Yall look gorgeous.I t has been such an amazing journey watching you take loves true form. Your spirit (from what I can see) is so amazing. 😩❤️❤️❤️"

This backer wrote: "@majorgirl I love you cause you the main one who keeps it real with your followers, and you are so beautiful and strong as a woman! All the ladies are Beautiful and Bosses! I pray to manifest in such a way to prosper. I want to work so bad for or with you. I feel you can teach me a lot."

A supporter shared: "@majorgirl You all are beautiful @monicabrown You should model. Giving many faces and pose‼️💯💯💯💯Laiyah really needed to be in this picture sitting on your lap 😩❤️How you & Toya look the kids aage.?😍😍"

This follower explained: "Sheesh I have anxiety, but I love y’all friendship! Hard to find these days 😩I absolutely love all af you 😍 but Idk why I got chills when you let your hands go lol.... so brave! ❤️Mama needs some adult time but Melo you know she got you she got you."

A fifth kind message said: "Mommies serving face and babies give dimples I live😍. She slayed a damn zip line harness‼️ You just are so beautiful every time you step out. Goals goals goals ❤️You got to challenge it to Acknowledged it."

Those ladies are open to new adventures.


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