Tiny Harris Is The Happiest Woman On Earth -- T.I. Did This For Zonnique Pullins' Boss Chick Mom

Tiny Harris Is The Happiest Woman On Earth -- T.I. Did This For Zonnique Pullins' Boss Chick Mom
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T.i has put his ego aside to make tiny the happiest woman on earth by doing this. The hip-hop has found his way back into Tiny Harris' home, and of course, her bedroom.

In the last episodes of the hit reality show, T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle , T.I.P. confirmed the rumors that he and his wife were living in separate homes because their egos could not fit under the same roof.

A source close to Tiny said at the time that she hated the situation.

The family friend told Hollywood Life : “Tiny is not OK with T.I. living apart from her, she resents it. However, Tiny puts on a happy face, and will tell T.I. that she is OK with it all, but that is only because she is afraid to lose him. She is trying to keep it all together, and she feels like giving him space, to live on his own, will save their marriage while keeping their family together. She is desperate enough to go along with T.I.’s desires even if it drives her crazy always wondering what he is doing and with whom. T.I. living apart from her is not helping Tiny rebuild trust with him, it is only making things more challenging.”

A new report has come out saying that T.I.P. heard his wife's demands and has decided to make her the happiest woman on this planet by moving back in with her.

The source told Hollywood Life : “Tiny is much happier now that T.I. has moved back in with her and the kids. Ever since this return, they have been happy, more in love than ever and things have been going really great for the couple. Their love is stronger now, their bond is tight, and they are in a great place as a couple and family.”

According to the insider, Tiny wanted T.I.P. back because she missed him and the situation became confusing for their children.

The pal stated: “Tiny had been reluctant for a long time to allow T.I. to return home. She really felt it was better to keep her own domain. She worried if she let him get too comfortable he would go back to his old ways. But it was making things confusing for their kids not having him around daily, and it was hard on Tiny, too.”

The person concluded: “She finally decided to invite him to move back home and she is so happy she did because everything is whole and happy again. Tiny hopes this time T.I. living at home is for good and that they will never go through something like that again.”

Will the pair hit pause again?

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT