Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Refusing To See T.I. For 4th Of July - Here Are Her Plans

Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Refusing To See T.I. For 4th Of July - Here Are Her Plans
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Things are not going great between Tiny Harris and T.I. these days and everybody knows this by now. She has even posted various hints on her social media accounts which seem to target Tip, and they might even suggest that their marriage is eventually over. Here are the latest details on this couple.

It looks like for the 4th of July, T.I. will have to celebrate by himself.

'Tiny is refusing to see T.I. for the 4th,' a friend of Tiny’s told the online magazine Hollywood Life.

'He tried to get her to agree to spend it with him, and she shot him down,' the same source continued.

'She’s reclaiming her time and space,' the insider added.

'He messed up and didn’t value her, and she is not even close to forgiving him.' So, if you are wondering what will Tiny be doing to celebrate the 4th of July, here's the answer:

'She plans to spend her time with her girlfriends, and she’s also very busy preparing for her upcoming show with Xscape. They’re performing Saturday night at Essence Fest in New Orleans. Tiny’s putting her focus on getting ready for their show and trying to push T.I. and all their problems out of her mind.'

T.I. was caught slapping Asia’h Epperson's booty, and since that event, Tiny has asked that T.I. sleep elsewhere, kicking him out of their home.

'Now they are living separately; everything has fallen apart,' according to another source. She also unfollowed T.I. on Instagram, because it seems that she can’t even look at pictures of him.

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