Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Preparing The Best Father's Day For Her Beloved T.I.

Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Preparing The Best Father's Day For Her Beloved T.I.
Credit: BET

Everyone who knows T.I. also knows that the most important thing in this world for him are his kids - his family. This is why Tiny Harris wants to make sure that the rapper will have the best Father's Day ever.

She wants to offer him some good time without any stress and just relaxation, according to a source who spoke on the matter to the online magazine Hollywood Life.

'Tiny feels that T.I. should be able to hang out, have his favorite soul food meals, and just be together and with family and not worry about work or anything else. It should just be a day of fun and filled with as many smiles as possible,' the insider said.

'Tiny wants to turn back the clock a little bit for T.I. on Father’s Day and get back to the basics and show him how important he is to her and just spend the day being in love and having a good day. Make it as relaxing and fun as possible. Zero drama is what the weekend will be for T.I.,' the same source continued.

The couple has been doing great lately, and they have been really focused on promoting their kids' projects.

They have been recently gushing over Domani Harris' new music, and the couple could not be any prouder of their boy.

The only things that seem to be bothering Tiny these days are the tragedies that keep happening in the community.

She posted a shocking story on her social media account . She was telling people that all this killing has her feeling discouraged, and they try to show support in the comments and to trigger a change.

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