Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Always ‘Snooping’ On T.I.'s Phone Amid Fears He Might Cheat Again!

Tiny Harris Is Reportedly Always ‘Snooping’ On T.I.'s Phone Amid Fears He Might Cheat Again!
Source: people.com

Rumor has it that Tiny Harris is still struggling to trust that her husband T.I. will stay faithful after his multiple betrayals! That being said, one insider report claims that the Xscape singer is often spying on her man by snooping on his devices!

These days, it seems like Tip and Tiny are doing great but apparently, things are not that simple as one source tells HollywoodLife that the woman knows all too well that her rapper hubby is capable of infidelity and fears he’ll go down that road again!

‘Tiny always has this doubt deep down that TI is going to cheat on her again someday, and there is really nothing he can do or can say to make her believe otherwise. That has just always been the way between the two of them, they have always had this jealous streak, and it is probably part of the reason why they have such a good bedroom life, as twisted as that may sound. They are both always trying to make sure that they are the best in bed, that they are the wildest and freakiest, and that the other person does not go off somewhere else looking for it—it isn’t the healthiest relationship dynamics, but it works somehow for them,’ the insider explains.

Furthermore, precisely because she is so afraid of having her heart broken again, ‘Tiny is always trying to snoop on Tip’s phone and computer, and check out what he’s looking at on Instagram, and she won’t be happy that he’s been liking Bernice [Burgos]s’ photos, as she can’t stand that woman.’

‘To say Tiny loathes Bernice would be an understatement, it drives her crazy that Tip still looks at her pictures, Tiny thinks she’s pure trash, and she can’t even bear to hear her name spoken.’

For more on T.I.’s obsession with Bernice’s social media, click here !

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  • Shakela Wright
    Shakela Wright Nov 13, 2018 9:01 AM PST

    Not to be in anybody busneiss or judging anyone i feel like Tl. Really love tiny it's just he want to play around and still have a wife at home what i am saying is that he's not really ready to settle down as a husband yet and be faithful until his mind is ready .Tl.needs to get it together and love his wife and respect her wishes by being faithful and respectful at the end of the day your wife gonna be there regardless but these hoes not they come and go .They don't care about messing up.a happy home as long as they getting what they want that's all it matter .And your wife is hurt .at certain point in time you have to think about your family especially children how they gonna feel what they thinking .why daddy on TV or social media with another women or why you and daddy not living in the same house sh** like this you have to be ready to answer. Hope the best for the Harris ..

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