Tiny Harris Is Now Able To Trust T.I. Again -- Marriage Is Rock Solid After Cheating Scandal

Tiny Harris Is Now Able To Trust T.I. Again -- Marriage Is Rock Solid After Cheating Scandal
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All the trust is back! Tiny Harris has found a way to put all the cheating scandals behind her and has no problems with T.I. leaving Atlanta for business or pleasure.

A source close to Tiny revealed that this weekend, T.I.P. will be going to Las Vegas, aptly nicknamed Sin City, for a concert and he will be face-to-face with stunning women.

Believe it or not, despite the public exchanges with Bernice Burgos and Asia'h Epperson, the Xscape singer now feels that she is in a secure place in her rekindled romance with the rapper and he can be without supervision.

A person with knowledge of the story said: “T.I. has a show this coming weekend in Las Vegas, he will be performing at Drai’s nightclub on Saturday, and Tiny is not planning to go with him. She isn’t sweating it though, it’s business, he’s there to make his money, and that’s all. In the past T.I. going to Vegas without her is something Tiny might have gotten jealous about, but right now things are so solid with them, she’s not worried. She feels secure sending her man off to ‘Sin City’ and isn’t worrying about him cheating. It also helps a lot that he did extend an invite to her, she does feel welcome and invited. And when she isn’t with him, when he is on the road, T.I. checks in with Tiny regularly, so that helps put her mind at ease.”

The power couple recently grabbed headlines after showing support for the reconciliation of Cardi B and Offset.

Another insider claimed: "Tiny can relate to everything that Cardi is going through because Tiny has been through so much of the same challenges with T.I."

The pal went on to say: “Tiny is proud of Cardi for standing up and making the difficult choice to leave her man, especially when they have a young family and baby. But as inspired and proud as Tiny feels for Cardi, Tiny hopes things never get so bad that she will have to go through with her divorce with T.I.”

This couple is on solid ground.

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