Tiny Harris Is Keeping T.I. In Check Using This -- Bernice Burgos Is Still Living Rent Free In Her Mind

Tiny Harris Is Keeping T.I. In Check Using This -- Bernice Burgos Is Still Living Rent Free In Her Mind

A scorned woman is what Tiny Harris is, and all the gifts and fancy trips from T.I. will not change that.

For the past few months, all has been going well between the rapper and Tiny; they have been filming their reality shows, opening businesses, and enjoying fancy trips.

However, Tiny still remembers the countless cheating scandals with Bernice Burgos and Asia'h Epperson.

With these problems in her rearview mirror, Tiny is keeping T.I. in check with the threat of a divorce.

Tiny has not canceled the divorce process to make sure T.I.P. knows she can leave if he messes up again.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Tiny has serious trust issues when it comes to Tip, and she figures keeping the divorce threat real and out there is an added incentive for him not to cheat ever again. Tiny always has this nagging doubt deep down that T.I is going to cheat on her again someday, and there’s really nothing he can do or say to make her believe otherwise. That’s just always been the way between the two of them, they’ve always had this jealous streak."

The insider went on to say: “Tiny knows that Tip values his family more than anything in this world, but she also knows that he struggles to avoid temptation, and he has plenty of temptation dangled in front of him on a regular basis with beautiful women literally throwing themselves at him via social media and in person when he’s performing. Tiny likes to remind Tip about the divorce filing whenever she feels his attention might be straying, and props where props are due, it does seem to be keeping him in line.”

The pal continued to explain: "Tiny definitely continues to hold the threat of divorce over Tip’s head at this stage there is little to zero chance she would ever actually pull the trigger and actually end their marriage, the struggles actually transformed them both and their relationship.”

With the constant threat of divorce weighing over T.I.'s head, he is forced to “treat Tiny like his Queen.”

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  • Nancy T Rooks
    Nancy T Rooks Nov 28, 2018 9:57 AM PST

    Tiny he is your husband and don't give them the benefit of the doubt that You care. keep doing what You as a Wife/woman/mother suppose to do. God got You. Love your husband because when it's time to meet Jesus it's him that will be judged not you

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