Tiny Harris Is In Seven Heavens As T.I. Continues To Cover Her With Awesome Gifts After The Asia'h Epperson Scandal -- Vacation Video Proves The Magic Is Back On

Tiny Harris Is In Seven Heavens As T.I. Continues To Cover Her With Awesome Gifts After The Asia'h Epperson Scandal -- Vacation Video Proves The Magic Is Back On
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Back on! T.I. has decided to take Tiny Harris to paradise both literally and figuratively and a video from the diva shows she is indeed in seven heavens.

Today, marked the lovebirds' 8th wedding anniversary and a close source confirmed that the ATL actor surprised the diva with a beautiful trip to a tropical island.

Mr. Harris, who landed in hot water after the Asia'h Epperson scandal, is working hard via gifts and love to prove to Tiny that she is indeed the definition of a ride or die chick.

A close family friend explained to Hollywood Life : “T.I. whisked Tiny off to paradise to celebrate their anniversary. He can be so romantic that way. When he’s good, he is very, very good. It’s one of the reasons that she stays so hooked on him. And when the T.I. does anything, it’s always in big style. They flew by private jet to one of her favorite tropical islands.”

Another insider stated: “T.I. is determined to show Tiny why she is his ride or die. This anniversary is extra special because they have been through so much together this last year. T.I. loves Tiny more than ever today and this trip with her is his way of spending quality time alone with her.”

Fans of Tiny 's iconic R&B group Xscape have unearthed Tiny and T.I.P.'s wedding video and it is worth reliving.

One supporter told the power couple: "Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Harris and many more years to come. Awwww happy anniversary I love all of you guys are a power couple I've been an escape fan yessssssss I love the way yall Love so keep on loving one another let no man nor woman put y'all under."

A second follower stated: "Happy Anniversary to Mr. T.I.&Mrs.Tiny Harris God Bless you and your Love forever enjoy your special day with Lots of love."

This third fan wrote: "The Realest Couple - Happy Wedded Bliss Day and May God continue to be all that you need in your Marriage."

The couple has been through a lot over the years, but despite the madness -- they must be applauded for raising an impressive group of children.

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  • Dee Merri
    Dee Merri Aug 6, 2018 9:34 PM PDT

    Tiny and T.I. I am so happy for the two of you or one of you because you two are ONE, God said so. People take a strong look this is how true love overcome obstacles and survive to make it a testimony. How do I know because hubby and I of 33 years and counting are living witnesses. Just keep doing your marriage the way you two agree and those memories I spoke about several comments ago you will cherish more than anything when you are old. Love you two as a couple and I really do hope to meet you both one day. God bless you and your family. Oh yeah, don't listen to folks who are married and never have issues they are telling a lie.

  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Aug 5, 2018 7:25 AM PDT

    Tiny I love that you are so committed to your family and your husband.Unfortunately thots are going to be thots.You are beautiful inside and out it's obvious that you have all the attributes that any man would kill for.Love your family and your husband but love yourself first.congrats on your anniversary and I wish you many more.

  • Cassie Millbrook
    Cassie Millbrook Jul 31, 2018 2:17 PM PDT

    I wish Tameka would divorce him. He's only showering her with gifts because he doesnt want a divorce or probably doesn't want her finding someone else. Everytime she bring up divorce he buying her things. I hate to see women allow men to disrespect them.

    • Mona pea
      Mona pea Jul 31, 2018 6:34 PM PDT

      You should hate to see a family break apart more than seeing it stay intact; even if there are ups and downs.

    • Toya Thompkins
      Toya Thompkins Jul 31, 2018 5:38 PM PDT

      Cassie you are some right for a person standing on the outside looking in. Trust me if 2 people love each other and have kids and been so busy on the road it's hard to please one another at the moment of time. Its not okay to do it but you dont know what vows they took you wasn't there! Please stop judging from the outside. Prayers for the better always important.

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