Tiny Harris Is In Love With Zonnique Pullins And Bandhunta Izzy's Romance According To These Sweet Videos

Tiny Harris Is In Love With Zonnique Pullins And Bandhunta Izzy's Romance According To These Sweet Videos
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Tiny Harris is beyond thrilled to become a grandmother after her oldest daughter, Zonnique Pullins , announced that she and her boyfriend, Israel "Bandhunta Izzy" James, are pregnant with their first child together.

T.I.'s wife is over the moon, and she cannot stop sharing adorable videos of the expecting parents.

The Xscape diva took to Instagram, and she posted a few videos where Zonnique is all wrapped in love while in Bandhunta's arms.

The young couple looked happy and in love as they make plans to welcome their baby girl into the world.

Tiny captioned the videos: "Sorry, Niq. I had to post this cause it's super cute & mainly My new 💩 from you my 1st 💙 @zonniquejailee #SweetTea #TheNiqProjectComingSoon #PrettyHustle #FamilyHustle 👑."

One fan had this reaction: "Love how Tiny ride for her fam😩 she'll be the best glamMa💯😍This will be me as a mom 💙💙Cute...young love clueless. Ish gets real when thangs get real. Good luck, y'all."

Another follower stated: "Damn, her dude is as pretty as she is, their baby going to come out gorgeous. Just a reminder Kylie wasn't married when she got pregnant either, but y'all ain't said nothing about it."

This person revealed: "Nice!! Can't wait til she come out with an album. She's such a humble and sweet young lady. I'm sure you're extremely proud!! Is it me or did I think it was Chris Brown in the video😩."

This backer shared: "Tiny vicariously living through her daughter's relationship. Tiny wants her daughter's relationship so bad 😭🙄That baby girl is going to be so cute! I'm pressed to hear the name y'all picked lol."

Tiny recently said in an interview: "Zonnique is a very well-rounded woman. She's not 'fast.' She's not doing nothing no different than most women or her peers out there."

She continued: "I was not married, and I turned out fine. I did not struggle — I was out there getting my money. I mean, I had a baby father, but t we weren't married, and I lived a great life. Zonnique lived a great life; she did not want for anything. And just because you get married doesn't mean that you're going to stay married. A lot of times that is just and hard on a kid — when their parents split — so either way, some of the outcomes turn out to be the same."

T.I.'s wife concluded with: "Women outnumber men in Atlanta. So I am happy that my daughter found someone to love and have a baby with."

Zonnique seems to know what she wants.

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