Tiny Harris Is Asking For Justice For Breonna Taylor

Tiny Harris Is Asking For Justice For Breonna Taylor
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Tiny Harris continues to ask for Justice for Breonna Taylor. Check out the message that she shared on her social media account and the responses that she got from fans.

A follower said '#majorgirl why are we asking? This is a demand for justice. Nice people finish last,' and someone else posted this message: 'Arrest any and all dirty COP'S. Not all cop's are dirty and to the COWERD cop's ?? Stand up with us. Protests with us. Stop FEARING YOUR BOSSES!! STAND UP.'

A commenter wrote: 'Black queen, and that’s why our page will always support you and your music.'

Someone else said: 'Exactly for real Tiny you actually right speaking on it the truth need their butts lock up.'

One other follower posted this message: 'We ask for justice Equally as if it was a civilian. Kick in they door and go get they ass!'

Another fan told Tiny: 'Thank u for bringing awareness to the black woman who lost their lives and nothing being done on their behalf! Thank you!'

An upset follower said: 'Am I living a nightmare right now?! It doesn't feel real. I wouldn't be surprised if the end is near. God help us! God help us! Beautiful Breonna young cute Ahmad George precious Floyd! It's so distrubing. Can't sleep I'm pissed and just crying and crying! God help us! We need God more than ever! God protect your people from any more harm! God protect the innocent black lives!'

The case of Breonna Taylor became the topic of the day for a while now and people are asking for justice in her case as well. Tiny also shared a video recently, which shows Breonna's mom talking about her case.

‘This heartbreaking to watch the mother of #BreonnaTaylor. Speak about losing her child to the hands of these Fu*ked up police!' Tiny was writing back then.

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