Tiny Harris Invites Fans To Her Juice Bar For 'Humpday Wednesday'

Tiny Harris Invites Fans To Her Juice Bar For 'Humpday Wednesday'
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris invited her fans to her Juice Bar this Wednesday and people are receiving this invitation with excitement. Check out her message below.

'You already know I Got Da Juice...so come thru & check us out! It’s HumpDay Wednesday at @gotdajuicebar pull up on me!!! 👑' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Give me whatever that is in the middle !!!' and another follower posted: 'Ima coming to see you 🥰🥰🥰'

One other commenter wrote: 'Why does everything happen when I’m at work???🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️'

A fan told Tiny: 'Congratulations sis can't come bye when I'm in the ATL I'm a huge fan of yours too I would like to send you a copy of my book I'm a hard-working single mother of three kids sooooo many people doubt me but God said [email protected]'

Someone else wrote: 'How’s my music so far as an independent 16 y/o female rapper?🤔'

One other commenter posted: 'Who was the winner of your challenge?? Did I miss it??? I freaking ❤️you @majorgirl.'

Not too long ago, Tiny shared a behind-the-scenes video on her Instagram and, as expected, fans are living for it.

Tiny is really proud of her latest hit and she’s been advertising it on social media a lot.

In other news, Tiny has been flaunting blonde hair in her latest pics and people were gushing over her beauty in the comments.

On the other hand, more haters say that she’s doing all that she can to look white.

Tiny could not take this anymore, especially since she hasbeen explaining people hat she’s half white and half black and she got the best of of the two.

She responded to the hater and fans supported her.

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