Tiny Harris' Hair Catches On Fire In New Video And T.I. Explains Why They Are Still Married And Live In Different Houses

Tiny Harris' Hair Catches On Fire In New Video And T.I. Explains Why They Are Still Married And Live In Different Houses
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Diva Tiny Harris attended a lavish birthday party for her husband, and it was lit.

Things were so lit, Tiny's hair caught on fire. While T.I.P. laughed and mocked his wife who was having a Michael Jackson moment, Tiny stayed rather calm as her family and friends helped her out.

T.I. poked fun at Tiny by saying her hair was burned because she had the devil in her.

In that same episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle , the rapper explained why they live in separate houses.

He said: “The Harris household is rather complicated. Yes, we’re married. Yes, we’re on good terms. No, we do not sleep in the same house, necessarily. I think our personalities are too big to fit under one roof. It might not work for everybody else, but it works for us. That’s why we deserve each other.”

One fan replied: "The fact that you were able to laugh at your MJ moment. NOT be afraid to let them air it on TV, makes me adore you more! Glad ur ok too. Omg,.i couldn't stop laughing...I woke my husband up screaming TAMEKA YO HAIR IS ON FIRE GIRL!! YOU BOUGHT TO BURN UP. y'all are hilarious."

Another follower claimed: "Tiny you rocked that blue hair hunni!! yasss. l hope ur hair wasn't badly damaged. Man, I would've ruined the whole party. idk which one is funnier.... you falling and being dragged on that motorbike...or your damn hair. You are hilarious!!!"

This supporter stated: "Honey LIT was definitely the right word! I know right. I love her for all of it, such a trooper. Dust off and keep going ......she straight from Atlanta. Between the house party, you let the haters know YES I still rock with husband, and your hair catching on fire. I was. Gotta LOVE them, Harris."

A fourth person revealed: "Thank god that was not ur real hair. Yall should do another cartoon Xmas special with baby. I' m catching up on all the episodes, so I'm in my feelings about the 2 of you. I Love y'all. I admire how your husband @troubleman31 looks at you, kisses you, shows you affection but remains a I'm rooting for you both #Mr& Mrs #Bonnie& Clyde #truelove #friends& lovers #relationshipgoals #yearsoffriendship #endlesslove."

T.I. and Tiny are genuinely unique in the entertainment industry.

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