Tiny Harris Had An Amazing Time Hosting FoxSoul

Tiny Harris Had An Amazing Time Hosting FoxSoul
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris hosted Fox Soul, and she told her fans that she had a great time doing it. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

'I had an amazing time hosting #FoxSoul Getting Real With Tiny.. Exec. Produced by my good friend @duboseofficial & I had some amazing comedians to join me.. Keyshia E & Heather J,Precious Hall, Melanie Camarcho download Fox Soul & go to www.foxsoul.tv 👑🙌🏽🤣' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone gushed over the black hair that Tip's wife was sporting: 'Dark hair is a good look on you @majorgirl & Congratulations!'

Another follower also praised her look and said: 'I don’t care @majorgirl I know my opinion means absolutely nothing to you but black hair on you is everything I think you look so cute it gives you such a youthful vibrant look 🤷🏽‍♀️ so pretty ❤️'

As expected, someone brought up the dreadful subject of Dyjah Harris' virginity. You may recall that T.I. said not too long ago during a show that he makes sure to accompany Deyjah to the gynecologist, just to make sure that she is still pregnant.

The person believes that Tip did the right thing and said: 'Come on people if a woman said she was checking her daughter you guys be high fiving her ,it a dad who's making sure his daughter doesn't ruin her life I salute you Tip, if a lot of these fathers would care they teenager wouldn't be sitting at home rocking a baby get out of that chair and get back to what you do best making changes in life and fighting for the people you are a great father, job well done.'

Another commenter responded: 'yeah but he told the world..so now everyone knows and now his daughter is embarrassed.'

Since the whole scandal exploded, Tip has not been posting anything on social media and his fans are worried .

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