Tiny Harris Gushes Over Her Kids And Fans Are Proud Of The Way She Lives Her Life

Tiny Harris Gushes Over Her Kids And Fans Are Proud Of The Way She Lives Her Life
Credit: Source: bet.com

Tiny Harris adores her kids, and the latest photo that she shared comes to highlight this fact. She posted a pic with her son King Harris and her baby girl, Heiress Harris.

'What did I do so great to be Blessed with all I have!! There are seven things that complete me..King of my ❤️ & my ☀️ @the_next_king10 @heiressdharris #Thankful ???❤️?' Tiny captioned the photo.

Her fans flooded the comments section with lots of praises for the gorgeous mom.

Someone told her 'Look in the mirror pretty lady, u see that pretty young thang don't look like what it's been through! No matter how large the stones were thrown against u, u weathered thru it with grace and honor! It's not what we do all the time that determines our blessings but yet who we are and what we've become bc of what we survived!!❤??'

Another follower said 'I think seven to be complete is. Health love fame fortune strength talent lucky faith. Also, the blessings we receive. It’s more than seven correct me if wrong and family. Many blessings!'

Someone else posted that 'You can just see how much love he has for her by his interaction with her. When she’s in the room, his spotlight is on her. So special the love he has for her. You did a good job mom!!!'

Tiny made headlines recently after she decided to surprise her hubby T.I. and pay a visit to him where he's shooting for his new movie - South Africa.

Tiny was in South Africa with her husband just recently, but it seems that has plans to go back .

A source told the online magazine Hollywood Life: 'Tiny practically just got back from visiting T.I. on set in South Africa but she’s already started planning another trip back to Africa to see her husband. She knows T.I. is missing his kids a lot, he isn’t used to going this long without seeing them, and she wants to bring them all out there to surprise him.'


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