Tiny Harris Goes Crazy Over Photo Of Mary J Blige In A Revealing Bathing Suit -- Toni Braxton And Queen of Hip Hop Soul Are Killing It

Tiny Harris Goes Crazy Over Photo Of Mary J Blige In A Revealing Bathing Suit -- Toni Braxton And Queen of Hip Hop Soul Are Killing It
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Mary J Blige is almost 49, but many would not guess just by looking at her fantastic body.

The "Be Without You" and "No More Drama" singer has put a lot of work into maintaining her looks over the years, and she still boasts a fantastic figure that looks great in a variety of outfits, especially tight and revealing suits.

She has recently decided to once again show off her famous assets and killer curves to the world in a revealing creation and has drawn a lot of attention to herself.

The "All That I Can Say" artist wore a sexy leopard print one-piece and a fur coat and showed off her toned thighs.

It only took one photo for Blige to captivate her fans, and many people immediately chimed in to comment on how amazing she looked, and how well she rocked her appearance.

Some even pointed out that the singer seems to be looking better and better over the years, and she is giving Toni Braxton a run for her money.

She has reportedly been putting a lot of effort into that though, and it is not something that just happened on its own.

Blige confessed to being very active on the dieting front, experimenting with different approaches to her eating habits to find out what works best for her body.

And for the most part, she seems to be handling that quite well. The singer has even shared the occasional tip about how she maintains her looks, and it is clear that she puts a lot of effort into that.

Many of her fans have commended her for paying so much attention to her body.

Tiny Harris also praised the queen of hip-hop soul.

One fan said: "Yessssssss!!!!! Bad B$tch like a mofo!!! Dem legggsss tho!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥# I want to be like MJB when I grow up🔥🔥🔥😝You are not playing any games out here Wow."

Another commenter stated: "Gat damn it Maryyyyyyyy!!!!! Yassssssss bay-beeeeee!!!!😩🤣🖤🖤 I don’t think anyone was ready @claib0rne."

This backer claimed: "Your Ex is felling like a dam Fool 😂😂😂😂😳😜I'm talking to God right now asking him to let me step into my wealth so I can hire y'all full time as trainers along with a chef. 😮🙌"

Blige is a real for many of her followers.

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  • Portia Matthews
    Portia Matthews Sep 27, 2019 1:06 PM PDT

    Man QUEEN Mary J Blige is the queen of hip-hop and queen of fashion. From"real love" video I have always luved her style. She needs to come out with a"QUEEN OF HIP-HOP" clothing line that a po folks can afford but can look gud in. Toni still looks gud as she gets older. 👍😍👍😍

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