Tiny Harris Goes After Women Like Asia'h Epperson And Bernice Burgos Who Have Been Linked To T.I. In Angry Post

Tiny Harris Goes After Women Like Asia'h Epperson And Bernice Burgos Who Have Been Linked To T.I. In Angry Post
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It seems that Tiny Harris is going after some of T.I.'s former side chicks and the other women who might have the crazy idea to cheat with her man.

Not that long ago, it was claimed that T.I. had a fling with Bernice Burgos. T.I.P. was also caught on camera slapping Asia'h Epperson's booty after a show.

Tiny struggled with the cheating allegations but eventually took T.I. back. In a post on social media, Tiny made it clear she will not take any BS from women who are going after T.I.P.

Fans are telling Tiny she is too old for this headache and if T.I.P. does not know how to keep his hands to himself and remain faithful, she should move on.

One supporter claimed: "We seen this episode already **changes channel**I really hate when females come at the female. They must be doing something right; they are jeopardizing their relationship for them. I refuse to be almost 50 and posting subliminal to a side chick or my man. Lawd fix it."


This commenter told the diva: "As we head into Summer? Wtf is the relevance of that? Lol. If you going leave him then leave sis. What’s said is that she believes these heaux quotes are going to send a message to man who clearly doesn’t value the woman that she believes her accomplishments makes her, but in real life, no man who loves a woman would ever disrespect his word and covenant with her because real men understands that quite literally him disrespecting himself. Clowns come in all sizes and tax brackets."

Another Instagram user wrote: "Girl at the end of the day you’re not going anywhere. You’re already comfortable with it by now. She too old for this, that’s all I can say. She got Bernice and Asiah on her mind."

This fan shared: "The wording is a ratchet, but the message is full of wisdom 💯🔥🤣Bernice she's talking to you, sis. She’s a cancer. She’s planning her upgrade already. It’s gone hurt him too 😂."

This last supporter shared: "Same story just a different day lol. You know these dudes start acting up when it get hot outside 😂😂. T.I. better get on his ish expeditiously. Well at this point it don’t matter because T.I already know you ain’t going nowhere sus 😭😭."

Do you think Tiny is overreacting?

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  • Zena Whichard
    Zena Whichard Jun 4, 2019 10:03 AM PDT

    First I love you guys. You need to forget about the other women and set your boundries. A man will ALWAYS be a man regardless of what he does. Respect yourself! If it botgers you that much talk to TI. Get some therapy and get yourself right. At the end of the day when you are ready to walk you will. What others say do not matter. You need to build YOU up! You rock Mrs Harris! Continue moving forward.

  • ChiDiva
    ChiDiva Jun 4, 2019 3:14 AM PDT

    People keep bringing up those same 2 women. They weren't the 1st won't b the last. When T.I. said tiny only tripping cause it went public, that TOLD IT ALL. They in a open relationship or should I say be free to roam but keep it private. He was too nonchalant about it, yeah he wrote that little song but that was just a cover up. They been together for a while you really believe this the 1st time not, he just got comfortable

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