Tiny Harris Gives Tamar Braxton Advice On Saving Vincent Herbert Marriage

Tiny Harris Gives Tamar Braxton Advice On Saving Vincent Herbert Marriage
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If there is one person, who can understand what Tamar Braxton is going through; it is her excellent friend, Tameka "Tiny" Harris.

About a year ago, Tiny filed for divorce from rapper and actor T.I. amid infidelity allegations.

However, according to Tiny, through prayer and God's will, she was able to save her marriage.

And now, Braxton, the godmother of baby Heiress Harris, is going through some tough times after announcing her divorce from Vincent Herbert who is accused of verbal and physical assault.

Those, who follow Tamar & Vince , are aware that Tiny made an appearance on the show.

Tiny sat down with Braxton, and they had an emotional conversation about their friendship and the issues she has faced with Herbert.

T.I.'s wife suggested that Braxton drops Herbert as her manager to save her marriage.

Tiny told her friend: "I think you should get a new manager before you want to get another husband."

Visibly upset by the messy situation with her spouse, Braxton replied by: "I don't want to end up like my parents."

Braxton's sisters and her mother are not in agreement with Tiny. The family wants her to leave Herbert as soon as possible and never to look back.

A source said: “They have tried to stay as quiet as possible because they do not want to ruin things. The second they confirm they are together, it opens the gates for criticism.”

The tipster continued: “Tamar’s sisters all knew how bad it was, so did her close friends. There were a lot of fears for Tamar being in such an unhealthy situation. Her whole family is so relieved that she has finally pulled the plug and filed for divorce. This divorce has been a long time coming, and it has got nothing to do with Tamar leaving The Real — This is about her finally getting out of a very toxic and ugly situation. Things with Tamar and Vince have not been right for a long time, but she did not want to admit it; she kept making excuses for him."

The pal went on to say that the former host of The Real is fed up with her estranged husband using her as an ATM card and added: “Tamar is ready to stand up for herself and fight. She does not want to give Vincent money; she is tired of him using her. And she has got no intention of sharing custody with him. Tamar feels very strongly that she should have full custody of their son and she is going to do whatever it takes to get it.”

Are you surprised by Tiny's advice?

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  • Ann Watson
    Ann Watson Nov 28, 2017 10:04 AM PST

    It's obvious that Tamar needed Herbert to advance her career. For many years, she wanted a singing career, and he stated that she was not ready. Now, that Tamar has a means of going forward, her fake love is evident. She didn't want him from the beginning only what he could offer. If I recall incidents from BAXTON FAMILY VALUES, it is plain to understand. Tamar wanted to be another Toni but doesn't have the talent or looks.

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