Tiny Harris Gets Real About T.I. And His Cheating Ways -- Is She Coming For The Side Chicks?

Tiny Harris Gets Real About T.I. And His Cheating Ways -- Is She Coming For The Side Chicks?
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Tameka "Tiny" Harris has decided to open up about her tumultuous romance with rapper T.I. in a new interview.

Talking to Page Six , Tiny, who is on a promotional tour to push her solo concert series, was asked to give an update on her marriage.

Tiny also explained why she posted a profanity-laced Instagram post that had many believing that T.I.P. was cheating on her again.

The diva wrote on Instagram: "Don't lose yo b***h tryna keep up with a h*e that can't keep up with yo b***h."

Tiny had this explanation about the eye-popping message: “Y’all cannot think, every time I post something, that means we’re in a bad place. I posted it meaning … he needs reminding.”

Tiny also raised eyebrows by adding: "...is not about my relationship at [this] time. I mean, we good... this week."


One fan had the following reaction to the interview: "Every relationship has problems, but TAMEKA HAS HELD IT DOWN FOR WANT SHE WANTS AND AS FAR AS SOLO YOU KNOW U GOT WHAT IT TAKES WE LOVE YOU F*CK THE HATERS.❤️"

A second commenter stated: "Love that about you @majorgirl you ain't scared to keep it real. Keep your head up, and you're a fantastic superwoman and Supermom. Respect and love the realness.
Let em’ know ❤️ you post one post and people think that’s what’s happening in your LIFE 💯🤣 social media really be having people fooled 💯."

This follower claimed: "Aw I don’t care what nobody say I love they relationship it’s real unfiltered imperfect, but it’s 💯🎯 ❤️ , and they be having me cthu on the family hustle."

Another Instagram user said: "I think you are so dope. I watch you and say damn that’s one hell of a woman and mother. You set real goals. I so love the love that y’all have for each other thanks for teaching us how to love our black men and not giving up🥰❤️😘😍😻."


A fifth person explained: "This was the first thing that popped on my insta feed when I opened it. Tiny is so fine her personality makes her everything. You knew better than to not make that right. Am so happy you can tell you love her down always love you guys together. Real true love. I look at you guys and say ain't no getting between that! I F**kn❤️U...you’re awesome!!"

Tiny is good at getting headlines with her relationship issues.

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