Tiny Harris Fuming Amid Speculations That Bernice Burgos Is Back In T.I.'s Life!

Tiny Harris Fuming Amid Speculations That Bernice Burgos Is Back In T.I.'s Life!
Source: etonline.com

Rumors have been going around that Bernice Burgos is back in T.I.’s life and it all started with the man’s online exchange with Meek Mill. As expected, it is now being reported that Tiny Harris is fuming!

The cryptic conversation caused fans to believe that it was referring to Tip’s former side chick.

Meek posted a pic of himself online, captioning it: ‘Don’t come to me about no ho!’

In response, T.I. wrote ‘TUH,’ and added an angry emoji.

This caused fans to speculate that the two were feuding and some thought that the ‘ho’ in question could be Nicki Minaj.

Most, however, were certain Meek was talking about Bernice.

‘You can’t cuff a Jawn one ya close homies dunked already that’s a rule dawg,’ Mill seemed to address the rumors on Instagram Stories later.

What he means is that it’s not right to get involved with someone’s ex.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Tiny is furious over Meek’s exchange with T.I. online. She doesn't understand what Meek's talking about, but her gut tells her it's not good, and she wants answers.

‘Tiny made T.I. promise a while ago that Bernice Burgos would never pop up again, and now this situation has Tiny freaking out. She noticed what fans are saying online, and it's breaking her heart to be involved with this nonsense again.’

The alleged fling happened last year when Tiny and T.I. were very close to a divorce.

While they managed to fix things and reunite, the rapper hasn’t really stayed away from cheating scandals.

But at least it looked like Bernice was out of his life for good – until now!

‘Tiny's pressing TI to know what the hell's going on, while T.I.'s doing his best to defuse the situation and explain that it's all a big misunderstanding,’ the source went on to claim.


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