Tiny Harris' Friend Monica Brown Gets Her To Laugh Crazily For A Hilarious Reason In This Video

Tiny Harris' Friend Monica Brown Gets Her To Laugh Crazily For A Hilarious Reason In This Video

Diva Monica Brown is a close friend of Tiny Harris', and they have known each other for decades. Therefore, Monica knows Tiny very well, and she is able to impersonate her brilliantly.

In the latest episode of Family Hustle , the R&B singer had T.I.'s wife laughing like crazy as she mimicked her when she is angry because people are getting on her last nerves.

Tiny was a good sport and confirmed that Monica was spot on.

Monica had this to say about the installment: "As serious as I seem, one of the key things in life for me is laughter fun... Hanging with the girls tonight you saw that!! I do think my @majorgirl impersonation is spot on... LOL... I love her accent."

She continued with: "Tonight's Episode was special to me... You get to see the woman that truly shaped and molded me! My Mommy... What did you guys think of tonight's episode? Let's talk..."

Monica went on to add: "Friends and Family Hustle has allowed me to share so much !! My Aunt Laura taught me to love everyone enough to get into Heaven .. LOL... But that won't mean you like and deal with everyone ! Shared the lesson using the likes of horses with Laiyah tonight."

The mom of three also posted some inspirational quotes that read: "A purpose filled life also requires knowing who doesn’t belong in it. I enjoy Thinking and Feeling deep !! Makes it easier to navigate in this superficial world."

One fan replied: "You are model material for sure 0f Your look your style your wisdom, you are that Chick. I really enjoyed listening to you as I was growing up, your voice is like when you sing you make us FEEL IT. You are an extraordinary wife mother daughter sister cousin & friend all in one. love looking on your page to see what outfit you have on that day and Everything you wear looks good on you no matter what it is Keep giving us nothing but great music."

Another follower added: "The look you give when you've come to slay their lives, u and Tiny too cute."

These two are indeed very cute.

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