Tiny Harris Forced To Explain Why Major Is Not Wearing Expensive Shoes In Picture With Monica Brown

Tiny Harris Forced To Explain Why Major Is Not Wearing Expensive Shoes In Picture With Monica Brown
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Tiny Harris is raising a smart and confident little boy named Major, and he does not need the approval of people.

T.I.'s wife took to social media where she shared a sweet photo that reminded the world that Major is indeed a genius.

In the photo, Major is accompanied by her longtime friend, Monica Brown, and godsister Laiyah Brown.

Tiny explained in the caption that Major does not like expensive shoes because he prefers to be comfortable to work hard and rule the world one day.

Tiny said: "Family ties... we always pull thru for family & the love is unconditional. My beautiful sweet Goddaughter @laiyahbrown sis @monicabrown & mama’s baby boy @majorpharris when I say my baby don’t want to put no cool shoes on. They all hurt his feet & he only cares to be comfortable.. he’s so intelligent.😬 🙏🏽👑🥰💚"

One person said it is sad that society is so materialistic and quick to judge that Tiny is forced to address the shoes in the photo.

A fan replied: "It's sad that you had to explain the shoes your child has on just because of society. His feet, his shoes, who cares... these folks better leave ppl, kids, alone!"

Another commenter applauded Major: "I feel you, Major. When your feet hurt, everything hurts!! Lol. Glad to see you have your own mind and opinion. Continue to do you and not follow the crowd!! Great job Mom and dad! 😉👋👍❤Praying for the Harris Family. May God continue to cover you all🙏."

This person stated that Major would be a billionaire one day and added: "Yes, major is very different; he doesn’t care anything about the fame he just want to chill. Major is going to be y'all riches kids. He so low key and laid back. He probably got his life figured out already. He doesn't need to impress anyone. That's called a healthy self-esteem. Great job to the parents and the village. My baby is growing up too fast... He looks so handsome...😍❤️😘."

This supporter wrote: "Your baby boy is going to know how to keep his parents' paper! Ima bet you Major will definitely add to the family hustle big time and take it to the next level because he likes to keep it simple!❤ Major, can't wait to see you continue to grow into the man God will have you be❤❤❤. My son was and is the same way — something about the smart kids they need comfort on their feet so they can concentrate more 🙌🏾."

The Harris family is growing elegantly.

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