Tiny Harris Flaunts Her Unforgettable Fashion Nova Dress She Wore For T.I.'s Birthday

Tiny Harris Flaunts Her Unforgettable Fashion Nova Dress She Wore For T.I.'s Birthday
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris posted a photo featuring herself and T.I. in order to show fans what she called the 'unforgettable' Fashion Nova dress that she wore for her hubby's birthday. Check out her photo below.

'Almost forgot about my unforgettable @fashionnova dress I had on at my hubby’s birthday dinner!! Atlanta’s Bonnie & Clyde at his best! 👑💋💘👅' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone commented: '@troubleman31I admire ur consistency & purposeful movements for ur 👑 #kingdommindset'

Another follower said: 'You guys are so adorable together. Fan of tiny since forever. Can't wait to see you this weekend in Augusta, Ga.'

A lot of people called these two's romance, 'relationship goals'.

Someone said: 'That man holding you like he doesn’t EVA wanna let go! 💕'

One follower brought up the incident that Tiny went through lately and said: '@majorgirl I’m praying for you, I heard about the incident. According to the Bible, it says that if a thief is found amongst you he will have to pay 7 fold. So, therefore, you’re coming out with a huge blessing. The devil doesn’t care who he use & God is gonna get them.'

Regarding the robbery of Tiny's jewelry, it's been recently reported that Wendy Williams has a theory about the sad event.

You may recall that Tiny was robbed of no less than $750k worth of jewelry.

The expensive accessories were apparently stolen from her car and Wendy Williams thinks there are only two possible things that might have happened.

Wendy said the following: 'Mrs. Harris… All I am saying Tiny is either you did not lock your door or maybe this was an inside job. But, hopefully, the cameras are working [around the area her car was parked] and we will know the truth soon. I do not understand how you keep almost $1 million worth of jewelry in the console of your car on a regular basis.’

Regardless of what happened, Tiny continues to live her best life together with her family and friends.


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