Tiny Harris Feels More Secure Than Ever: She Doesn't Mind Letting T.I. Go Solo To 'Sin City'

Tiny Harris Feels More Secure Than Ever: She Doesn't Mind Letting T.I. Go Solo To 'Sin City'
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Back in 2018, Tiny Harris and T.I. were really close to ending their long marriage due to his cheating. She filed for divorce back in 2016, but after hard work and struggle, these two are still together, and reportedly stronger than ever.

A source close to Tiny believes that she never felt more secure with T.I. The insider spilled the tea for the popular online publication Hollywood Life.

He has to go to Las Vegas, dubbed as 'Sin City' and Tiny doesn't have a problem with this as she trusts him completely.

'T.I. has a show this coming weekend in Las Vegas, he will be performing at Drai’s nightclub on Saturday, and Tiny is not planning to go with him. She isn’t sweating it though, it’s business, he’s there to make his money, and that’s all. In the past T.I. going to Vegas without her is something Tiny might have gotten jealous about, but right now things are so solid with them, she’s not worried,' the source told Hollywood Life.

The same insider continued and said 'She feels secure sending her man off to ‘Sin City’ and isn’t worrying about him cheating. It also helps a lot that he did extend an invite to her, she does feel welcome and invited. And when she isn’t with him, when he is on the road, T.I. checks in with Tiny regularly, so that helps put her mind at ease.'

After working really hard to save his own marriage, Tip seemed to be ready to fight for others as well.

Remember when Cardi B broke up with Offset? Well, back then, Tip supported that Migos rapper, asking Cardi to take the man back.

Tiny has found herself in hot water recently after Tamar Braxton's fans asked her in the comments section on IG why she and Tiny keep following R. Kelly on social media amidst the massive scandal that he's involved in.

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