Tiny Harris Feels Disrespected After T.I. Was Surrounded By Bunch Of Women At Wild Party On His New Reality Show

Tiny Harris Feels Disrespected After T.I. Was Surrounded By Bunch Of Women At Wild Party On His New Reality Show
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She rides for her man, Tiny Harris is proud of all of her husband's accomplishments, but sometimes, he makes her angry with the way he handles his business.

Tiny happily supported T.I. when he launched his new reality show, Grand Hustle .

The Xscape singer was being bashed because she was promoting the series while T.I.P. was slapping Asia'h Epperson's butt.

Despite the harsh comments from her fans, Tiny stood up for her man.

Now, the couple is fighting because Tiny disapproves of her spouse's antics on the show.

The Xscape singer feels disrespected by the latest episode of the program because of what her husband did at a wild pool party.

A source told Hollywood Life : “The episode that comes out tonight of T.I.’s Grand Hustle caused some major personal drama for him and Tiny when it was being filmed. There’s a wild pool party scene, and T.I. made the mistake of neglecting to mention anything about the shoot to Tiny.”

Another insider stated: “Well she just happened to get wind that they were filming a pool party scene, and she was not happy. They had a huge fight about it because she felt like he was being shady. Once she calmed down he was able to convince her that he wasn’t hiding anything, he simply didn’t say anything because he didn’t think there was any reason for her to care. And he invited her to show up to the shoot too if she wanted. That helped ease her mind a lot.”

Meanwhile, T.I.P. is giving the funniest face ever as he helps promote Heiress' nail polish line.

Tiny shared a few pictures and added: "My Sunshine, my Lucky7... Tootie @heiressdharris got her own nail polish line “The Royal Collection” by Heiress Harris...Nontoxic, safe for kids! Oh yeah, & it’s scented, but more importantly it’s Safe!! Support Ph.D. & order your Princess some safe polish just for them. Www.piggypaint.com #Thanksin advance #BabyBoss #BossBabyHeiress #FatherAndDaughterSpaDay."

One fan told the family: "Omg, she is the cutest man!!! Ughhh “mommy I getting my toes done” ahhhh my heart!"

Another commenter wrote: "Got that look on his face like yeahhhhh this my baby I don't play, try if you want too, its not a game..she is some kind of perfection hunni her and my baby boy would be perfect friends they have big personalities I'm definitely going to support and order my girls some polish keep being amazing I love me some Harris Family."

This person claimed: "Now that's how you set your kids up, that's a blessing and so dope. I swear she is the cutest tiny! You and Tip made some gorgeous kids."

T.I. and Tiny are great at grabbing headlines.

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