Tiny Harris Fans Melt After Seeing Pictures Of Her Stepdaughter Deyjah In An Icy Blue Dress -- T.I. Will Freeze

Tiny Harris Fans Melt After Seeing Pictures Of Her Stepdaughter Deyjah In An Icy Blue Dress -- T.I. Will Freeze
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Miss Deyjah Harris has found a way to melt the Internet with her hotness while wearing a mini icy blue dress.

Tiny Harris' daughter, (the Xscape singer has made it clear that she sees and loves T.I.'s child like her own daughter, Deyjah has stated it would be an insult ever to call Tiny a stepmother), who has become a well-known model is taking on the role of sexy ice queen in her latest fashion shoot.

The 17-year-old daughter of T.I. opted for a body-hugging dress that showed off her impressive figure.

Deyjah used this caption: "I’m way too icy don’t be tellin’ me to chill❄️."

One fan told the young lady: "You grew up to be so pretty ur dad must be so proud. You blossomed so fast Deyjah??you are a certified baddie??? so beautiful in that sexy dress."

Another commenter wrote: "Time fly man.. Girl please, you can’t be Icy, if you hotter than the sun everything around you gonna melt. you done grew up so fast. So beautiful ❤."

This person stated: "This young lady right here from that little timid girl to such a beautiful young humble young lady @princess_of_da_south @troubleman31 and @majorgirl wow you guys have done an amazing job this one."

According to Hollywood Life , the Harris clan had a lovely Thanksgiving.

An insider shared: “This year they have more than ever to be thankful for. Their marriage is in a great place. Last year, celebrated together but they honestly didn’t know if they would still be together for this Thanksgiving.”

The family friend added: “Tiny is so incredibly grateful that they’re still making it work. She’s also grateful for the way he is showing up for her. Tip’s been putting in solid effort and showing her in so many ways that she’s truly his soul-mate. He’s been very romantic too. He’s sent her lots of flowers – that kind of thing – and she’s feeling so blessed and grateful for their love.”

The source concluded by: “Tiny has been very busy with work, and T.I. just got back last week from his movie shoot in Africa [for Monster Hunter]. So Thanksgiving gave them some much needed time together and with their kids. That’s what Tiny is looking forward to the most this year – spending time with her family and seeing the bond Tip has with all their kids. That’s one of her favorite things in the world.”

The family can be seen in their new reality show on VH1.

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  • Teresa Galloway
    Teresa Galloway Nov 25, 2018 7:35 PM PST

    Absolutely Beautiful Innocent, Continue down the path you are going! GOD Be With You!

  • Xhaleonce
    Xhaleonce Nov 25, 2018 5:57 AM PST

    Great to see how you have grown up to be a very pretty young lady.. Your shyness is a thing of the pass continue your journey with respect and dignity and you will be very successful in life.. Love your smile your style and most of all I love you ....keep shining

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