Tiny Harris' Daughter Zonnique Pullins Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Her Latest Photo

Tiny Harris' Daughter Zonnique Pullins Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Her Latest Photo
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Zonnique Pullins posted a photo in which she is channeling Shirley Temple with her hairdo. She's wearing a casual outfit but the weird thing is that more fans seem convinced that she's carrying a baby. Here's her post below.

'Is she pregnant? If so, none of my business but I know she would have a beautiful baby. She is so beautiful to me,' one fan asked, and more followers had the same question.

Someone said that 'Ppl get on this social media asking personal questions ...like you wouldn't ask in her face... Its rude to ask that .. & if she so happen to be... Which one of yall sending pampers, wipes & everything else why yall allll zooming in on her picture.. Yall gotta find something wrong wit any & everybody... Even tho she's a celeb... She's still human. It may hurt her feelings.. Watch what yall say.. Smh.'

Another follower also defended Zonnique's outfit and said 'Y'all out there making assumptions cause sis has on a hoody and sweats. Maybe cause ? THE SEASON CHANGED. It's winter. Can she be cozy n cute.'

Just recently Zonnique addressed her eye surgery that she went through and told fand that she had some problems.

She changed her eye color from brown to a grayish blue, and she said that the procedure was not the one for her even if she really loved the result.

‘I’ve never liked to recommend anyone to do it,’ she told a fan, who seemed to be considering getting the same procedure.

‘I can say that the experience wasn’t the best in the long term but everyone is different,’ Zonnique told the fan.

‘My moms are fine,’ she added, referring to Tiny Harris.

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  • Thelma Johnson
    Thelma Johnson Nov 17, 2018 2:02 PM PST

    I think Tiny is beautiful, there is always someone that has a negative comment about her are T.I. and that could be a Zealous opinion. There is not one of the women that T.I. has been accused of being with look as amazing as Tiny she is a mother and was a house wife and star. A mother of 7 and she looked good and I believe without the make up Artist and her hair person she would be a Beautiful woman. #U got it Girĺ# a real Fan.

  • Phyllis Freeman
    Phyllis Freeman Nov 17, 2018 1:48 PM PST

    Beautiful pic Priceless l Love it

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