Tiny Harris' Daughter, Zonnique Pullins Shares A Problem With Her Fans - What Happened To Her?

Tiny Harris' Daughter, Zonnique Pullins Shares A Problem With Her Fans - What Happened To Her?
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Tiny Harris ' daughter, Zonnique Pullins told her fans that she could not breathe due to the mask we all have to wear in order to protect ourselves and others from coronavirus. Check out her post below.

'it’s the fact that I really can’t breathe fr🦠' Zonnique captioned her post.

Someone else said: 'Them damn masks have me so aggravated...can’t breathe right, my glasses be fogged up like a bitch.'

Another follower said: 'I really hope she rethinks this caption...' and someone else posted this: 'That’s exactly how I felt when I stepped outside today.. too hot for masks but safety way more important.'

A fan wrote: 'Right it's bad for you to breathe in your output air or whatever it's called.'

Someone else posted this: 'Sleeping helps, your eyes are the windows to the soul, close your eyes is what really is!!! You're a (light) of a rainbow!!! Everything else that you see is an illusion of what you are not of!!!'

A commenter said: 'I mean like seriously I done worked threw the whole pandemic hot and aggravated,' and someone else posted this message: '@zonniquejailee I’m with u on that I said damn my lungs must be weak as hell.'

Someone else said: 'The fact that I know the burger spot just by the chairs is how I know I have a problem.'

A follower wrote: 'That type of mask is no joke wearing that 12 hours straight. But I do understand why we have wear it. I can’t wait to they say mask no longer required.'

Not too long ago, Zonnique celebrated the birthday of her real father, Zonnie Pullins, and in order to mark this event, she shared a video on her social media account. You should make sure to check out the clip that she shared on her social media account.

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