Tiny Harris' Daughter Zonnique Pullins Proudly Lets Her Fans Know She Starred In A New Movie

Tiny Harris' Daughter Zonnique Pullins Proudly Lets Her Fans Know She Starred In A New Movie
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Zonnique Pullins has recently shared a video to present the movie that she was a part of. She was proud to make the announcement on social media, and her fans were really excited to read it and then to see the movie for themselves.

Some fans saw the movie by now, and they made sure to congratulate Tiny Harris' daughter in the comments section.

'My first time in a movie that comes on TONIGHT 7/6c an original TvOne movie called “Three’s Complicated” so excited and grateful to have been apart. tune in!' Zonnique captioned the teaser video.

Someone told her 'I watched you way back when😭 OMG Girlz was all I listened to 😂 Now sis in movies 🎥👏🏾💜'

Another follower said 'I love LOVE how @zonniquejailee just pops out with WONDERFUL surprises “THATS MAJOR” keep them guessing on your next move chick. Congratulations !! 💞'

Someone else congratulated Tiny'ss daughter and wrote 'Congratulations baby girl!!! Wishing you all the best of everything!!! Onward & upward!!!💜💜💜'

One other supporter had this to say: 'I just saw u on the movie, and I was like wtf lol then I came here to see if u posted about it. Caught me off guard. Didn’t even know I was watching something new.'

Zonnique's mom Tiny also showed off a teaser video from the movie just to let her own followers know about this great achievement of her daughter.

Other than acting, Zonique is doing great these days, and she began the new year together with her BF Bandhunta Izzy and her family.

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  • 2Judah Jesus
    2Judah Jesus Jan 15, 2019 8:44 AM PST

    Lady Tiny, may have had "surgeries," but she did not allow it to take away from her Natural Beauty. Once she stopped the injections on her "Lips, she became Flawless!" Tiny happens to be one of those people who gets Prettier with Age (Just My Opinion)! I hope/believe she is through with the Facial adjustments (she really Did Not need them, Again My Opinion)! TRUE Beauty starts Within and Radiates outwardly. It's Good to Admire Others . . . But, Always LOVE Yourself !!!

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