Tiny Harris' Daughter, Zonnique Pullins Announces A New Giveaway - See The Video

Tiny Harris' Daughter, Zonnique Pullins Announces A New Giveaway - See The Video
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris' daughter, Zonnique Pullins, just announced a new giveaway on her social media account. Check out the video that she shared below.

'hi, loves! I'm giving away four newly released iPhone 11s to 4 lucky people! 😍📱📱📱📱 How to enter: 1. Go to @social_league, click on the accounts they are following, and follow EVERYONE that they are following. This is your entry, and we are double-checking 😉 See their post for info on getting extra entries. That's it! If you want a chance to win, make sure you follow all of the accounts. Good luck! Enter by 10/7 winners announced on their page 10/9' Zonnique captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is how I ended up following a million people back in 2014, stuff be so fake.'

A follower said that they don't even care what Zonnique promotes: 'When they're so pretty you don't care what they saying you just wanna hear em talk @zonniquejailee. 🤗😎'

One other commenter posted: 'We understand you trying to make your coin sis but that’s too many steps.'

Another follower wrote: 'Now I Love Her But Why Is She Even Doing That We All Know That's A Scam That Social Page Smh....😒'

Other than this, Zonnique has been having a really rough time lately.

Tiny Harris has recently lost her godbrother , and the whole family is mourning these days.

Zonnique posted an emotional message on her social media account in order to mark this tragic event and remember Tiny’s ‘brother’ as she calls him.

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