Tiny Harris' Cleavage Flaunted In Her Latest Pics Has Her Fans In Awe

Tiny Harris' Cleavage Flaunted In Her Latest Pics Has Her Fans In Awe
Credit: Source: bet.com

Tiny Harris posed with Monica Brown, Toya Wright, and baby Reign Rushing. She's gushing over the sweet cutie pie, but the truth is that Tiny's fans were not able to keep their eyes off of her cleavage.

'When u forget to post good pix cause your caption was sucky!!🤪👑🥰 @reign_beaux is Everything 🌈 #FamilyTies,' Tiny captioned her post on Instagram.

Someone told Tip's wife: 'U are absolutely beautiful tiny don't ever let anybody tell u different😍' and another commenter said 'You guys look so pretty today happy Easter and God bless you guys amen.'

A supporter posted '@majorgirl You are looking amazing and that cleavage is fire! happy Easter girl💗🔥'

A fan gushed over all the ladies and said 'Three beautiful mothers with beautiful kids and a bright future strong and music be blessed.'

Toya also shared this pic on her social media account and her fans and followers told her that they simply adore the sisterly love between these gorgeous ladies.

Speaking of Toya, she recently told her fans and followers how she’s working on being healthier .

Toya said that what matters the most is the support that she is receiving from her daughters.

Secondly, Reign's mom said that she’s using the same product she’s been advertising for a while, despite the backlash she received from a part of her audience.


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