Tiny Harris Caught In Bed With T.I. -- The Asia'h Epperson Video Turned Her On

Tiny Harris Caught In Bed With T.I. -- The Asia'h Epperson Video Turned Her On
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It seems that T.I. has been caught in a bed with Tiny Harris -- thank goodness, he was in the right bedroom this time around.

According to the latest reports from a well-known media outlet, the drama is finally over between the power couple from Atlanta.

While many believed that the viral video where the rapper is slapping Asia'h Epperson's butt was going to be the final straw and that the 17-year romance between Tiny and her husband was over, they could not have been more wrong.

In a few days, the duo will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary, and sources told Hollywood Life that they plan to renew their vows finally.

Tiny filed for divorce about two years ago after T.I.P. was caught sneaking around with bootylicious Instagram model Bernice Burgos.

The same source went on to reveal that the pair has not only managed to kiss and make up, but T.I. is back in the family home and they are now sleeping and getting their freak on like never before in the same bed.

The insider stated: “T.I. is very much back in Tiny’s bed; they’ve been reconnecting hugely. They both admit that the drama is a sexy turn on for them, heck it might even be the secret to keeping things so hot all these years. They are both still very much deeply in love and planning to stay together, but I haven’t heard about any vow renewal plans.”

The person went on to say: “There is a big event in the works to celebrate their wedding anniversary this weekend. There’s nothing to stop them from turning that into a vow renewal; they might surprise everyone. Either way, they plan to mark their eight-year wedding anniversary with a major celebration. They are eager to do something special to celebrate surviving all these years as a couple. They’re eight years married now, that’s big. Their love story and romance are still alive, and they’re dedicated and committed to each other, that’s something to celebrate.”

If cheating is a significant turn on for these two, well, they must be turned on very often.

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  • Dee Merri
    Dee Merri Jul 26, 2018 12:41 PM PDT

    LOL, they always find their way HOME, Give it rest already!!! The real lesson here is women respect yourself and stop trying to take another woman's man. The wifey will always handle her man one way or the other and she will not be the loser. This goes for anyone. (Food for thought) So sit back and just kick it while doing your own thing and waiting for the person God made just for you... Ya heard me. Hallelujer...lol

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