Tiny Harris Cannot Keep Her Hands And Eyes Off T.I. In New Lovey-Dovey Pictures

Tiny Harris Cannot Keep Her Hands And Eyes Off T.I. In New Lovey-Dovey Pictures
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The love is real between Tiny Harris and her husband, T.I., who have been in the African country of Ghana. A few photos have surfaced online, showing the couple getting very cozy while visiting the country.

In one sweet picture, T.I.P. is trying to enjoy a local dish, and the Xscape singer is lovingly leaning on his shoulder.

In other pictures, the pair is gazing at each other or holding hands. The couple recently sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith and opened up about what destroyed their marriage.

T.I.P. tried to defend his infidelities by saying: "Once I got on my own two feet, I felt like I should have a voice too, and that voice was a little different from what he was used to. So that, to me, is what caused the issue. It wasn't because I'm just being outlandishly disrespectful."

Tiny, who was not pleased with her husband's words, hit back with: "If you recall, excuse me ...If you remember, you could not move; you could not go anywhere. I was still in the house like I was on probation doing all the things. But because I had a voice that was not so timid -- to me, this is my outlook on it -- I feel like he felt like, 'This is not the woman I left, and this is not what I want. I want someone that, if I tell her this, she's going to listen, and she's going to do this the way I want her to do it.'"

Tiny went on to explain: "He went and found him somebody that he could be like, 'Hey, don't move, do that,' and then I was not her."

T.I.P., who is not one to back down, kept fighting back with: "When I went to prison, I guess she felt like, 'Well now I have to figure out what I'm going to do. Because I don't have you here to continue the protocols and the practices that we have established in the fundamental stages of this relationship. So when I got back, the world was upside down. She kinda had an air like, 'It's my time. I thought we were going to hit the ground running and get back to things being the way they were, and that was an acclimation period that I had to make it through."

Those two are trying to put the drama behind before 2020.

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