Tiny Harris Calls Husband T.I. 'Nasty' For Doing This In Raunchy Videos

Tiny Harris Calls Husband T.I. 'Nasty' For Doing This In Raunchy Videos
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At the moment, T.I., 39, is deep in love and is smitten with his wife Tiny Harris, 44. The power couple has had their ups and downs due to multiple cheating scandals, but they seem to have put all behind them.

In several videos that have surfaced online, T.I. makes clear that he sees Tiny as a delicious snack, and he wants to lick and eat her up.

Via her Instagram Story, Tiny posted a clip where T.I.P. is busy licking her face, and she calls him nasty, but he keeps on doing it anyway.

The rapper and Xscape singer recently sat down on T.I.P.’s ExpediTIously podcast, where they have been very open about their relationship.

Tiny had this to say about the period she and T.I. were separated: “I wasn’t with no man. I didn’t have no man…No, I didn’t have male company. But I didn’t miss it, either…I didn’t miss it. I was getting money…I was running my s–t. I was goddamn kicking it. I was going where I wanted to go. Do you know what I’m saying? I was having fun times.”

T.I.P. also made an appearance on Tamron Hall , where he explained how they managed to save their marriage.

The activist claimed: “If you look at somebody who’s been married for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years…there have been times where they hated each other’s guts, and they felt like they wanted to turn around and walk away. The only thing that kept them together is staying together.”

He continued with: “The key to staying together, this is the secret, this is how people have been together for 10s and 20s and 30s of years,” he began. “Here it is: Don’t go nowhere. That’s as simple as that.”

He also revealed: “Listen, I love my wife, and I love my family, and I think that goes without saying. A lot of people put a lot of aggregation into things. My life is your entertainment, and I understand that, but I’m going to stop it when I think it’s time.”

One fan had this to say: “Happy, you stayed together. You are gorgeous them eyes melt my heart every time I remember when u were a teen making music now u a boss making music I see u pooh.❤️❤️”

Things seem to be going right between them at the moment.

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