Tiny Harris Angers Fans After Sharing Cute Pictures With Heiress One Week After T.I.'s Sister's Passing

Tiny Harris Angers Fans After Sharing Cute Pictures With Heiress One Week After T.I.'s Sister's Passing
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Fans have come out to say leave Tiny Harris alone and let her continue to live her life and be a mother.

Over the weekend, Tiny took to social media and she shared a few pictures where she is twinning with her daughter, Heiress. The mother-daughter duo also posed on matching-yellow luxury cars.

Many people were quick to jump in the comment section to criticize Tiny for doing something fun and normal one week after the passing of her sister-in-law, Precious Harris.

These commenters say Tiny should be mourning and crying her eyes out over the passing of T.I.'s sister.

One of those criticisms read: "I was just thinking about that. Didn’t they just have a death in the family?!"

This person decided to defend Tiny by saying that she should try to be strong and be normal for the sake of her family.

The fan shared: "I wish all you dummies stop acting like we aren't supposed to have regular moments, pick ourselves up for the ones that are still here! I posted my sister twice before enjoying spending quality time with my child. You don’t know what we going thru internally. So stop acting like you do cause we are not crying every second of the day!! 🤬🙄Anyone who truly knows you know the love you have for her. SHE knows the love you have for her. That’s all that matters."

A third follower revealed: "Uhm T.I publicly said they would not be sad they will celebrate her smh. And so what you don’t how her eyes look under them shades from crying 🤷🏽‍♀️ , and she still is a mom she has to pick up and continue life smh."

This supporter said that Tiny must keep on living and added: "What did you suppose to do, stop living because someone died? Death is a home going celebration‼️ What ppl say! Anyone who follows the Harris family knows how much your sister means to all of you. Live your life! I commend you being the head lady of such a big family and still finding a way to be strong ❤️🙏🏾."

Tiny is a free spirit and she does things the way she feels.

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  • Rimikka Elbert
    Rimikka Elbert Feb 27, 2019 8:57 PM PST

    Do u think Miss precious would won't Tiny or any of her friends or family to sit around Sad and not continue their joyful life? If u do then u didn't no THIS PRECIOUS LADY💐🌷🌻God Bless u all in time of Grief AMEN.

  • Star Bell
    Star Bell Feb 27, 2019 8:33 AM PST

    My Deepest Condolences to the Harris Family. I have watched your show from day 1, and I feel that Precious was a part of My Family. Tiny I can tell U are still hurting under your shades with your baby (lucky#7), and any child can make something so painful be bearing. So do U My little Sister and the hell with the haters. Your Family show got me thru some hard times and I THANK/LUV YA'LL.

  • Theresea Wiggins
    Theresea Wiggins Feb 27, 2019 8:07 AM PST

    Prayers goes to the Harris family, nobody knows how they are mourning, death is a home going and if you have God in your life you understand death, we all lose loved ones and friends and we are still here among the living and we must go on, they are in a better place than we are they are in heaven walking with our God. I know for myself I need to acknowledge God in all ways so I can go the heaven one day to see my Heavenly Father and my father. Precious Harris is still here in the blood of Jesus her blood still runs in children and her brother and all of Blood nothing like the Blood of Jesus Christ. Harris family you have my deepest condolences .

  • Yvette
    Yvette Feb 27, 2019 6:41 AM PST

    Why don't haters get a life..leave people alone..much love to mrs.ti and family...shake the haters off

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