Tiny Harris And T.I.'s 3-Year-Old Daughter Heiress Already Attending Acting Auditions

Tiny Harris And T.I.'s 3-Year-Old Daughter Heiress Already Attending Acting Auditions
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Tiny and T.I. Harris’ youngest child, adorable daughter Heiress, seems to have inherited their talents. The 3 year old is just made to be a star and it sounds like her career in Hollywood is starting!

That’s right! Sources tell HollywoodLife that Heiress is already taking the proper steps towards building a name for herself separate from her mom and dad.

Fans of the big family know all too well that their youngest is a star in the making from Tiny’s many clips featuring her on social media.

The child is super cute, sassy, funny and so smart – definitely ready for the spotlight!

One insider close to the Family Hustle celebs, tells the news outlet that she had her very first audition for an acting role!

Furthermore, they noted that she did a great job since she was a ‘total natural.’

‘Heiress had her first real acting audition last week and she nailed it, she’s a total natural. Her parents are very proud and very supportive. Heiress is only 3, but her talent is already showing. She loves singing and dancing and she can act, she’s going to be a triple threat. Tip and Tameka are both incredibly supportive, she’s for sure a superstar,’ the source dished.

Knowing who her parents are, there is no surprise she promises so much!

Speaking of her skills, not too long ago, Tiny took to social media to share little Heiress’ cover of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit song Old Town Road.

She had the chorus memorized and even hit all the right notes which is really impressive since she’s only three!

And that’s not even the first time Tiny showed off her child’s talent on social media.

She often films her daughter singing, dancing and just being super sassy and cute, much to the enjoyment of their fans.

Maybe now it’s time for the rest of the world to appreciate her skills as well!

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