Tiny Harris And T.I. Promote Domani Harris' New Music - Check Out The New Video

Tiny Harris And T.I. Promote Domani Harris' New Music - Check Out The New Video
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Tiny Harris and T.I. are proud parents, and they're promoting their boy's new music. Both of them shared Domani Harris' video on their social media accounts, and fans are here for it.

'Make sure y’all check our son @domaniharris1 out “Time Will Tell” out 6.7 👑🙌🏽💣' Tiny posted and Tip shared the same clip and said: 'My Boi wants it BAD as a Broke Ni66a!!! “TIME WILL TELL” 6/7 Preorder yours NOW!!!! @domaniharris1 Song Playing: “One Day”'

Someone said 'You guys raised some well-rounded kids. The desire to go for theirs when they could just sit and chill has to be a testament to the values you guys have instilled in them.'

One fan posted 'Nice way to promote, smart idea. Keep grinding young brother.'

Another commenter wrote 'He will make it because the hustle is there and the grind is even harder. Keep pushing your time is coming, and it will Tell.'

One follower praised the promoting for the new music and said, 'Great marketing techniques. U have great teachers (parents). Keep it up.'

A commenter gushed over Domani and said 'I'm very proud of Domani I look up to him a lot he has his head on his shoulders very tight you raised a humble man - support and love to all the Harris family. ✊✊💯'

Someone else wrote: 'No matter what any hater would like to say about you and your 👑... the one thing they can't say without it being a lie is that you two raised the hell of them "chhillddrrrenn." ( in my granny voice) To be raised with money and accessibility to anything within reach, you all instilled hard work, the importance of investment in self, etiquette (mannerism) and the importance of education at all cost. All of them are beautiful, unproblematic, and well-behaved children. I salute you and Mrs.Harris. Y'all did that !!!!!!!......💖💖👑👑'

The proud parents have also recently celebrated Domani's graduation .

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