Tiny Harris And T.I. Have A Family Day Out With Their Kids At Candytopia

Tiny Harris And T.I. Have A Family Day Out With Their Kids At Candytopia
Credit: Source: bet.com

T.I. and Tiny Harris took their son Major and their daughter Heiress Harris for a visit at Candytopia, and they had the best time playing in the candy exhibit.

An eyewitness spilled the tea for the online magazine Hollywood Life.

'Tiny and T.I. were at Candytopia yesterday in Atlanta, they were with their kids, having a nice family day out,' the source said.

The same person continued and told the magazine that 'They were very low-key, dressed down and very much focused in on their kids. And the kids were so cute and very well-behaved. Tiny and T.I. walked their kids though all the candy exhibits, they took their time and were having a lot of fun.'

The eyewitness continued and said that 'They stopped to play on the swings and Tiny even jumped into the big pool of marshmallows. They were clearly enjoying their quality time with their kids.'

It was recently reported that Tiny and T.I.’s son King is on his way to becoming a colossal rapper.

Considering the huge success he had with his first performance, this is undeniable.

Both of his parents are really proud of their young man , and they made sure to post lots of pics and videos in his support on their social media accounts. Tiny asked her fans to support her hustler boy.

Tip has also posted some videos from his son's first performance and the rapper could not be any prouder.

It's great to see the family having a good time these days because as you all know they suffered a tragedy not too long ago.

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