Tiny Harris And T.I. Are Flirting On Instagram And Fans Are In Awe

Tiny Harris And T.I. Are Flirting On Instagram And Fans Are In Awe
Credit: Source: bet.com

Emojis are sometimes the best way to show someone how you feel...online. T.I. and Tiny Harris just exchanges some really juicy emojis to reassure fans that they are on definitely back on track, hopefully for good this time.

Tip posted a pic wearing a hoodie from his label A.K.O.O.  'Idk What we paying models for??? I’m selling hell out dis s**t my boi!!!! ❄️???,' he wrote, addressing the brand’s co-founder, Jason Geter.

Tiny hopped online to agree that the only model that jacket needed was T.I.

'Lmao u definitely are??,' she commented and Tip replied with three equally flirty emojis: '???.'

It's great to see these two flirting like this in public, especially after the hard year that they have been through.

Their reality show describes all the hard moments that they have been through recently and you can check it out to see them in action.

The latest reports claim that Tiny is keeping Tip in check with the threat of a divorce.

Tiny has not canceled the divorce process to make sure T.I.P. knows she can leave if he messes up again.

A source told Hollywood Life the following: 'Tiny has serious trust issues when it comes to Tip, and she figures keeping the divorce threat real and out there is an added incentive for him not to cheat ever again. Tiny always has this nagging doubt deep down that T.I is going to cheat on her again someday, and there’s really nothing he can do or say to make her believe otherwise. That’s just always been the way between the two of them, they’ve always had this jealous streak.'

Regardless of Tiny's methods, it seems that it's all working as planned because these two seem more in love than ever, at least online.

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  • Jennifer Bunch
    Jennifer Bunch Nov 29, 2018 6:39 AM PST

    Tiny; shouldn't have to hold no divorce papers over his head in order 4 him to respect thier marriage; if she seek Godly wisdom;& not worldly; God will tell her just what to do;, hes a man and if hes has given his life over to God then it's a possibility he will cheat when another comes along; that capture his eyes;, God say dont be conform to the worldly things;, viceversa; both have to seek the lord;, cuz all the goods he or she do;, it won't last until both turn thier life over to the lord;, it over 4 it to be solid;, that's the true gospel;,,

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