Tiny Harris And Rasheeda Frost Share Some Thoughts About The George Floyd Case

Tiny Harris And Rasheeda Frost Share Some Thoughts About The George Floyd Case
Credit: BET

Lots of celebrities are talking about the George Floyd case these days - this shocked the whole country, and more people are addressing the terrible subject. Check out what Tiny Harris and Rasheeda Frost had to say about the matter.

'Another racist killing of a non violent black brother. Sending love & prayers to his family & love ones. #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justicefortheblackman #SayMyName #GeorgeFloyd 🙏🏽👑' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Us blacks need to stick together this world is getting worst all behind color,' and another follower posted this message: 'At some point, we have to do more than send love n prayers. We need to ride for ours.'

A commenter said: 'Black men dont have a chance in life it's all about color and that's sad. Blacks always getting killed and it's always another racist doing it. We all need to pray for one and other friends and family and just black people period.'

Someone else believes this: 'Yet again we gotta face the death of one of our KINGS.... enough is enough.'

Here's Rasheeda's post below:

'Now put them behind bars #justiceforgeorgefloyd #itsstillnotenough,' she said.

An outraged follower exclaimed: 'Fired?! Who gives a damn he can always get another job! Why is he not locked up?!' and someone else said: 'Fired is not sufficient. We need them to be arrested and put in jailed!'

One commenter posted: 'They need more than fired.... I’m talking about them needing life in hell,' and another follower said: 'Them being “fired” only protects the department from lawsuits. We gotta see the bigger picture!'

Someone else wrote: 'Not enough! They still in the world no they need to suffer and put them in the worst prison!'

Speaking of Rasheeda, she recently celebrated her birthday with friends and family.

People's thoughts go the the family and all the loved ones of Floyd.


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