Tiny Harris And Her Friends, Kandi Burruss And Rasheeda Frost, Land In Trouble For Their Boss Ladies Inspired Photos

Tiny Harris And Her Friends, Kandi Burruss And Rasheeda Frost, Land In Trouble For Their Boss Ladies Inspired Photos
Credit: Instagram

Where are the masks? That is the question that many fans have been asking Tiny Harris and her close friends --Rasheeda Frost and Kandi Burruss -- after they shared a few Boss Ladies inspired photos.

The Xscape singers teamed up with Rasheeda, and they posed in front of a giant mural of a woman wearing a mask to help her fight against the coronavirus.

Tiny, Rasheeda, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star had a meeting in Atlanta to get ideas and to start working on a new business venture together.

Rasheeda explained: "Dinner meeting with my girls @kandi & @majorgirl great ideas & great conversation! Now let's get to work."

While fans are happy to learn that the ladies are cooking up new projects, many are baffled by their dismissal of social distancing rules, not wearing any masks as the number of Americans getting infected is on the rise.

One fan asked: "How the picture behind yall wearing masks but yall nvm."

This follower said: "Y'all look like a singing group! Too cute! 😍 I love how everybody looks comfy asf. I know whatever it is you all about to get paid."

A critic claimed: "Have all of you not seen the numbers in ATL? Keep the masks on and stay homeeeeee. 😭"

This person added: "A face mask doesn't completely filter every breath you take, and they shouldn't give you a sense of invincibility. If a mask protects, then why were many dangerous prisoners released back into society instead of giving them these so-called protective face masks? Why did businesses have to shut down? Why do we have to practice social distancing? Why did some health care workers still catch it and died from it even though they wore an N95 mask? I'm not saying I won't wear my homemade mask because I have seen videos of people spitting and I don't want no ones to spit in my mouth, and I'm just trying to get people to see that someone is profiting off feeding us some bs and they are investing in these face mask. I am doing the best of my ability to protect my family from this virus, and I hope everyone else is waking up from the lies we have been told about this unpredictable human-made virus because Corona is not going anywhere anytime soon. It's getting worse than what they are telling us. Build up your immune system."

The ladies want to have 2021 on lock.


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