Tiny Harris And Baby Heiress Play While T.I. Works On Secret Project With Two Of His Sons

Tiny Harris And Baby Heiress Play While T.I. Works On Secret Project With Two Of His Sons

Can fans handle all the cuteness? Tiny Harris shared a few sweet photos while she was having lunch with baby Heiress.

It seems after all the excitement, the baby genius dressed in Gucci cuddled her mother and fell asleep.

Tiny explained that the 2-year-old believes she is the only child and often steals all her love and attention.

The Xscape singer said while she was having fun with Heiress, T.I. and their sons -- Major and King -- were working very hard on a secret project.

Tiny captioned the photos: "Out with My Love @heiressdharris for lunch while the boys @the_next_king10 @majorpharris & @troubleman31 at work!! #AdidasGirl #GucciBaby #Lucky7."

She later added: "Where she wanna be!! All over me!! My Sunshine @heiressdharris she really thinks she’s my only child. #TooLittleToBeSoTerritorial."

One fan told Tiny: "That's how it is when you're the last child and always with your mother when the kids aren't around. You get the most attention and the most love from everyone around you. I can't believe she will be in school soon... What are you gonna do? Anyway, enjoy your tour and keep on smiling with your mini you on the side."

Another commenter stated: "You know I watched you and tip from the day you guys came on TV up until now you guys make a beautiful couple you can look at each other and see that you are in love with one another and me personally thank you guys belong together you have those beautiful children it’s nothing like having a family I know sometimes we go through hard times better times but we always take the good with the sad thing is is that we don’t run from it we stick with it you work it out when you got married he said for better for worse it’s not really that bad Who am I to say it can get really worse but the thing is you got to work it out you made that valve to one another Jehovah God means what he has yoked together let no man put apart."

This family is raising kings and queens.

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