Tiny Explains Why It Is Hard To Date A Sex Symbol Like T.I.

Tiny Explains Why It Is Hard To Date A Sex Symbol Like T.I.
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Tameka "Tiny" Harris did an interview with Hot 97, and she opened up about T.I., the Xscape tour, her family, her basketball team, and much more.

The petite star had a lot say about saving her marriage after initially filing for divorce about a year ago.

She said that they are back together and the love is stronger than ever.

She revealed that they were able to reconcile because they can deal with each other's craziness.

Tiny stated while they are happy to receive positive thoughts from fans, they do not feel the pressure from other people to stay together.

She confessed that her relationship is not perfect, but she is working through "the struggle" to be with TIP but being in the public eye makes it harder.

She stated: “For us, I think it is all in love; we just have a lot of love for each other and a lot of years in it too.”

She went on to reveal to the host: “It brings us back to being on a certain page that we just can’t keep run from. We can keep running from it… and then that love just keeps coming back, and we are like, ‘You know what, come back over here, let me talk to you about this.'”

She more or less addressed the Bernice Burgos scandal by saying that it is hard to keep women and groupies away from T.I. who is a sex symbol.

The mother of four shared: “I do not think I feel pressure. Whatever’s going to be is whatever’s going to be; it is really what’s going on with me and him. If we feel like we can deal with each other’s craziness and still move forward and be better for us and our kids, then that is what it is going to be. Right now, we are still trying to figure it out; we are still just trying to figure it out.”

She also revealed that she is not interested in having more children because baby Heiress completed her family but if she was still in her 30s that would have been a whole other story.

Expect a new reality show from the family, many other business ventures including a juice bar and a baby line with shampoo, soap, and lotion.

You can listen to the entire interview above.

There you have it, straight from Tiny's mouth, she and T.I. are back and staying on.

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