Tiny And Daughter Zonnique Pullins Stun In Photo Shoot For 'Hip Hop Squares' With T.I.'s Support

Tiny And Daughter Zonnique Pullins Stun In Photo Shoot For 'Hip Hop Squares' With T.I.'s Support

Olive green never looked so good. Tiny and Zonnique Pullins have just shut down social media with a hot photo shoot.

Tiny wore a tight beige bustier that showed off her cleavage and tattoos.

The 42-year-old singer covered up a bit with a long olive coat.

As for Zonnique, 21, she wore a green dress to match with her mother's outfit.

The Xscape singer and her oldest child looked stunning on the shoot.

Contrary to some reports, the divas were not on a shoot for a magazine.

The women were filming an episode of VH1's Hip Hop Squares , and Tiny is determined to beat the other contestants.

Surprise, surprise, Tiny's husband, T.I., 36, was present to show the ladies some love and support.

The proud father posed with Zonnique and looked happy to see her getting her shine on.

While the pair looked sensational, once more, Tiny outshined her daughter with her sexy and mature look.

The mother/daughter duo is very close and has been spending a lot of time together.

They traveled to The Bahamas and later to The Dominican Republic for fun-filled vacations.

Videos surfaced online where the pair showed off their amazing beach bodies and took shots.

A source close to Tiny said her daughter has been begging to save her marriage to the ATL actor.

She has known the rapper since she was five years old and has seen her parents go through marital issues and find ways to save their relationship.

The person shared: “Tiny is trying to keep her head up, but she’s very sad right now.She doesn’t want to give up on her marriage, but it’s starting to feel pretty damn hopeless. She feels like she’s trying to save a sinking ship. Her oldest daughter is begging her to hang on a little longer, and she’s promised that she will, but her heart’s not in it anymore.”

Tiny, who filed for divorce from T.I. in 2016, wants him to stop the process, but he is not in a rush.

Additionally, Tiny feels that T.I. can not be faithful, even if he wanted to.

The chatty pal said: “She feels like she really can’t count on any sort of consistency with TIP.”

This family deserves a new reality show.


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